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Support Groups

Support Groups

All support groups at IPH are organized on a completely 'No charge' basis. In most of these groups IPH professionals work as facilitators & as a resource.

Shubharthi ( शुभार्थी ) (Schizophrenia)

  • group for those recovering from schizophrenia
  • helping them to deal with difficulties
  • Our work has been presented in the international forum, and been lauded.

Suhrud (सुहृद ) ( Care Taker Of Shubharthi)

  • a group of care-givers of people suffering from schizophrenia.
  • Based on research, the inputs are an excellent example of evidence based practice.

Trendsetters : (ट्रेंडसेटर्स)

  • This is a unique group started by young people recovering from major mental disorders. The group is vibrant with optimism & hope.
  • It is mediated by IPH professionals. Our SHUBHARTHIS (Recovering people) can share anything & everything under the sun here.

Uttejan ( उत्तेजन ) ( Epilepsy )

  • Support group for persons suffering from epilepsy

Vyasanmukti Group : ( व्यसनमुक्ती ग्रुप )

  • ( In collaboration with Muktangamitra Deaddiction Centre Pune) www.muktangan.org Treatment of addiction requires constant follow up, what our recovering clients fondly call 'charging your battery'.
  • The group is facilitated by experienced counsellors of Muktangan.

Sahachari Group: ( सहचारी ग्रुप ) ( Spouses of Vyasanmukti )

  • In collaboration with Muktanganmitra Deaddiction Centre Pune) Addiction is a family illness, wives & parents are worst sufferers along with kids & siblings.
  • Here is a platform to share the stress & pick up courage. The spouses co-ordinating this group had gone through 'hell' in the past but now work for the cause of deaddiction.


  • Group for parents having teens with behavioral problems

Santulan( संतुलन )( ADHD ) –

  • Being a parent of a child diagnosed with Attention Deficit / Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is nothing short of overwhelming.
  • These are children with poor impulse control, distractibility and hyperactivity that leads to difficulties in academic and social settings.
  • Our support group 'Santulan' is all about striking the right balance as a parent, helping your child channelize his/her energy in a positive direction and most importantly, it is a much- needed platform to share with other parents, all your struggles, thoughts, emotions and successes too!

Anubhuti :(अनुभूती) (Cancer)

  • The diagnosis of 'cancer' of any type brings along with it a gloom of depression and despondency.
  • Such individuals who are coping with, first the diagnosis, then the treatment process and then the final stage of rehabilitation which require support at all times... and that's what 'Anubhuti ' does.