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Shikshak Mitra

Contact :
Ms. Pratima Naik  Email:pratsnaik@yahoo.in
Dr. Pooja Thakkar  Email :drthakkarpooja@yahoo.co.in

IPH has been working with school teachers as a group for last 8 years. Every year 3-4 schools are selected with common factor in their functioning such as child centric curriculum, working with lower socio economic group students ,working in a tribal or rural areas etc. Teachers from these schools are given intensive training at IPH for ten days in one academic year covering practical issues in mental health as applicable to a teacher In his or her day to day functioning. The inputs and hospitality provided by IPH team is completely free of charge and the only returns IPH expects from these teachers is improvement in their working. Shikshak mitra has reached over 400 teachers in last 8 years